Field Trip Visit

The Society is proud to host school field trips as part of our continuing educational programs. The special presentations available for school visits are the:

History’s Mysteries
Grades: 3-5
Length 35 minutes

Take a walk through our stone barn built in 1959 of South Jersey fieldstone. Students will see carriages, a treadmill and 19th-century hearse. Students will play “History Mystery” where they will compare present technology with 19th-century equivalents.

*Special Restrictions: Weather permitting, unavailable during severe cold weather or snow.

Meets State Goals: Social Studies 6.1A, 6.4A; Language Arts 3.3A, 3.4A; Visual and Performing Arts 1.5A.

Salem County and the Revolution
Grades 3-5
Length 35 minutes

This program takes students back to 1778 when a British force occupied parts of Salem County and fought with the local militias at Quinton’s Bridge and the Hancock House.  The program presents the events of that time from the point of view of a Salem County Continental soldier, an member of the local militia, a civilian male or female resident of Salem City, or a local free black or slave depending on volunteer availability.  Students are presented with the complicated issues of loyalty and rebellion during this difficult time in our history.

Funding for this project was made possible through the sponsorship of the Oak Tree Chapter, National Daughters of the American Revolution.

Meet State Goals: Social Studies 6.4A, 6.4B; Language Arts 3.1H, 3.4AB

Keeping Room
Grades: 3-12
Length: 35 minutes

The Keeping Room is the oldest room in the museum dating back to 1700. Learn what life was like 300 years ago in a single-room home.

Meets State Goals: Social Studies 6.1A, 6.4A; Language Arts 3.3A, 3.4A; Visual and Performing Arts 1.5A.

Lenni Lenape in Southern New Jersey
Grades: 3-5
Length: 35 minutes

Sharing the Society’s extensive collection of artifacts, found locally, the students will learn the importance of the tools the Lennie Lenape used for everyday existence. The culture of the Lenni Lenape will be explored describing their hunting and gardening practices, games they played, shelters they built, and spoken language.

Meets State Goals: Social Studies 6.4B; Language Arts 3.3A, 3.3B, 3.4A; Visual & Performing Arts: 1.3D.

Teachers should consider which 3 presentations, listed above, their group would find of interest. Keep in mind that each room/display will take approximately 35 minutes each.

The school visits must be reserved through the Salem County Historical Society Education Department. School groups can be scheduled Monday through Saturday by calling (856) 935-5004 or [ Email Us ]. Please make your reservations early. A written confirmation will be sent upon receipt of your reservation.

Adult groups who wish to tour are encouraged to make a reservation as well.

The Historical Society has nine reserved spaces behind our Stone Barn on Center Drive. The students can enter through the gated courtyard to begin their tour.

We suggest one adult chaperone for every 10-12 students. Admission is free and subsidized busing may be available.

Restroom facilities are very limited.