Historical Society Opens New Exhibit

On April 8th, the Salem County Historical Society will be opening a new exhibit, “Salem County in the First Modern Decade, 1910-1919.” The decade of 1910 to 1919 was one of great changes for the people of Salem County and it was a period of unprecedented growth for the area. The first true industries were established here during this decade, forever changing how Salem County worked. New technologies, such as the automobile, the telephone and wireless communication, first became common in the region during this decade, influencing how people moved, how they communicated, how they received their news, and how they played and passed the time. Items of interest in the exhibit will include materials relating to Fort Mott, DuPont Chambers Works, Mannington Mills and the Salem County Chapter of the American Red Cross. Since technology played a large role during this decade, technology related items such as a period camera and phonograph from that time will be exhibited. This was also the decade of World War I, the first global event to impact our community on a large scale. The centerpiece of the exhibit will revolve around the Great War and will include a soldier’s helmet, gas mask, military uniforms and firearms from the war. The exhibit will be in place for some time with free admission on our opening day, Saturday, April 8th. Please come by and see it!