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John Stewart Rock: Teacher, Healer, Couselor

by J. Harlan Buzby
This biography tells of a remarkable Salem man who recieved degrees in dentistry, law, and medicine. Who gained national fame as an abolitionist, and was the first African American admitted to the bar of the United States Supreme Court. (softcover only)$14.75

Decendents of Benjamin Acton

by James N. Acton
Genealogical Records from 1623 A.D. to 1972. 1977, Reprint 1982 $6.75

Family of Captain Richard Acton of Maryland

by James N. Acton 
Genealogical Records from 1199 A.D. to 1977. 1978$6.75

Anthony Nelson

by Elmer Garfield Van Name
Anthony Nelson-Seventeenth Century Pennsylvania and New Jersey and some of his descendants. 1962 $6.75

John Davis His Wife Dorothea (Gotherson) Davis

by Catherine Soleman Chandler and Elmer Garfield Van Name
Early Salem County, NJ Quakers and some of their descendants (Including Samuel Morgan and John Brick line) Royal and Magna Carta ancestors. 1965 - 78 pgs.$6.75

Supplement to John Davis His Wife Dorothea (Gotherson) Davis

by Catherine Soleman Chandler and Elmer Garfield Van Name
Early Salem County, NJ Quakers and some of their descendants Royal and Magna Carta ancestors.  1969 - 24pgs. $4.75

The Joseph Smith Family and the James Dye Family

by Elmer Garfield Van Name
The Joseph Smith family of Gloucester and Salem Counties, NJ. The James Dye Family of Gloucester County, NJ. 1964

The Weeks Family of Southern New Jersey

by Elmer Garfield Van Name
Includes information about Ezekiel Weeks (1750-1817), Zaphaniah Weeks (1758-1831), and the Weeks (Wicks) of Cape May County. 1967

Family of Judge William Hall

by James N. Acton
Genealogical Records from William Hall (1616-1673) to 1980 A.D. 1980 $6.75

Christopher Shaver 

by Elmer Garfield Van Name
Christopher Shaver of Broad Neck, Salem County, New Jersey and some of his descendants. 1965, 40 pgs.$6.75

Phebe Shaver Lacy and Her Descendants

by Elmer Garfield Van Name
Phebe Shaver Lacy and her decendants, based upon information supplied by Leon A. Lacy, Sr. and his relatives 1967. Supplement to Christopher Shaver. 1967, 8 pgs. $4.25

Captain William Smith 1742-1820 Salem County and some of His Descendants

by Josephine Jaquett
Genealogical Records from 1742 to 1964. 1964, 52 ppg. $6.75

Woodnutt – Goodwin -Morris Families

by James N. Acton
Genealogical Records from 1690 to 1976. 1977 $6.75

Place Names of Salem County
1675-1963, 85 pgs.$10.25

“Colonial Roof-Tress” and “Candle Ends”

collected by the Salem County Historical Society
Local history and famous buildings of Salem County, 1971. Revised 1934 Edition $5.75

The Churches of Salem County, New Jersey

by Josephine Jaquett
1964 Salem County Tercentenary Committee $6.75

Salem County in the Revolution

by Frank H. Stewart
These continued  articles may contain facts of interest to future generations not likely to become available again for a considerable length of time. The people in Salem County in many instances will see the names of there forebeares they never knew as having carried a musket in defense of home and country. 1967, 115 pgs.

Index of Names and Persons Appearing in “History and Genealogy of Fenwick Colony”

by Thomas Shourds
Thomas Shourds of Salem County, New Jersey 1876, Reprint 1961  $4.50

I Love to Live Alone: The Poems of Esther “Hetty” Saunders

Edited by Prof. Donald L. Pierce
Book and CD

These simple, powerful poems show the great spirit of a free woman of color in early 19th century Mannington, NJ, 2001, 48 pgs.

Tomato Cook Book
1989 $4.75

Almanac and Year Book: Selections from 1901 - 1921, 1st National Bank Woodstown, NJ

Salem County: A Story of People

by Charles Harrison
 "In these pages you will meet Swedish, pioneers, colonial militia, Jewish , Polish, and Italain immigratns, Puerto Ricanmigrants, and rodeo cowboys. You'll discover the stories behind America's glassblowing industry and the popularization of the tomato. Anyone who has ever lived in or visited Salem County will surely treasure the remarkable preservation of its significant personalities and important events." $30.00

Salem Sojourn: A Journey through Salem County

photographs by Vernon Ogrodnek

The Wrecking Crew of '33

by Gary A. Sarnoff
  *Autographed Copy*

"In the spring of 1933, with a new president in office and a banking crisis narrowly averted, there was optimism in Washington, D.C., even among the baseball fans. The hard-luck Senators, who topped 90 wins in each of the previous three seasons only to finish well in back of the pennant winner, seemed full of promise. They secured a "new deal" of their own with 26-year-old Joe Cronin, their peppery shortstop, who had emerged as one of the best players in the American League. Newly signed as the youngest manager in the majors, Cronin was determined to lead the Senators to the pennant, though Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and the world champion New York Yankees stood in the way." 

Mist Over the Meadows: the Columns of Ron LeHew, Volume One 1989-1991

by Ron LeHew

My Pedricktown Journal

by John P. Pedrick

Our Final Salute

by David A. Willis
Autographed Copy$22.50