Policy: Premise Use

Policy: Premise Use

Salem County Historical Society
“Josephine Jaquett Memorial Library”

The collections of the Salem County Historical Society are an important and valuable resource for the study of local history. We strive to grant the public reasonable access to the collections on a nondiscriminatory basis. At the same time, the library assumes as a primary responsibility the safeguarding of its materials, and therefore may regulate access to them.

Premise Usage Policies

  • All patrons must fill out the patron registration form upon their initial visit to the library and present the librarian with a valid piece of photo identification.
  • No smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted in the library during research hours.
  • Coats must be placed on the coat rack. Umbrellas should be left in the vestibule.
  • No briefcases, totebags, large handbags, imaging devices, copying devices, scanners, cameras, or audio recorders are permitted in the library during research hours. These items will be placed by the librarian.
  • The use of laptop computers is permitted.
  • The Society does not assume responsibility for any items brought into the library.
  • Cell phones must be turned off and put away. The use of camera phones is prohibited.
  • Defacing, marking or writing in any research materials in any way is not permitted. Extreme care should be taken in handling materials. Please report any damage to staff.
  • The use of ink pens is NOT permitted at the reading room table.
  • The use of cotton gloves may be required to handle collections which are extremely fragile.
  • Materials not in the reading room must be requested and retrieved by library staff. Only ONE FILE per patron at a time will be allowed.
  • Please leave materials on the table when you are through. Do not re-shelve materials.
  • Library patrons shall conduct themselves in a manner which will not unreasonably disturb other users of the library.

Violation of any library rules or policies may result in denial of access to the library, and, in the case of willful violations resulting in loss or damage to library materials, may result in criminal prosecution.