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Salem County Historical Society
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The mission of the Salem County Historical Society is to seek, document, preserve, interpret and perpetuate Salem County’s heritage, and to enhance the awareness and appreciation of that heritage, through its research, collections, functions, exhibits, educational programs and publications, for the benefit of future generations and for the betterment of the community.

Since its founding in 1884, the Salem County Historical Society has been the beneficiary of the interest and generosity of residents of the county and of those whose family roots are here. This has included the acquisition of all of its buildings, the collections that make up the museum, the library facility, and most of the cost of restorations and renovations that have taken place over the years, not to mention the vast contributions of volunteer time put in by its members. The result has been an historical museum that many believe to be unique and without equal in the United States and a library that draws genealogical researchers from all areas of the country.

Permanent Exhibits include:

  • A Legacy for Salem County
  • The Alexander Grant House and Keeping Room
  • The John Jones Law Office
  • The Society’s Stone Barn
  • 19th Century Log Cabin Education Center